EPPORA Certification Courses

EPPORA Project Management certification courses are designed to increase your PM team’s proficiencies in the use of the EPPORA software platform as well as provide ideas and solutions for the many project management challenges you face every day. These courses will enhance your project managers’ knowledge already learned from their PMP courses and seminars. We will also teach them how to best navigate and utilize to their advantage the EPPORA software solution.

Project Manager Training Course

EPS provides five different training classes for key EPPORA user types. The training is conducted at EPS corporate headquarters or at the customer’s facility. The following is an outline of the training course for individuals that can access the EPPORA system as a Project Manager. The Project Manager training course is three days.
  1. EPPORA Overview
  2. EPPORA Basic Concepts
  3. EPPORA Major Benefits
  4. Project Manager Responsibilities
  5. Waterfall Methodology Considerations
  6. Agile Methodology Considerations
  7. EPPORA Methodology Considerations
    • – Divisions
    • – Labor Categories
    • – Criteria
    • – Options
    • – Communication
  8. Creating and Maintaining Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  9. Creating and Maintaining Schedules
  10. Dependencies and Critical Path
  11. Using Fixed Resources
  12. Special User Considerations
  13. Using Inventory
  14. Using Other Costs
  15. Mapping Requirements to Schedule Tasks
  16. Testing Considerations
  17. Reports
  18. Interfacing with Business Analyst
  19. Interfacing with Project Portfolio Manager
  20. Questions and Answers

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