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An Executive Fable About Project Management

Author: Joel Fleiss Date: Jan 05, 2015


When Veronica missed that easy overhead on match point in the third set, her tennis partner said, "where is your focus?  You hardly ever miss an easy overhead, especially in crucial situations." Veronica realized that her mind had been elsewhere, where usually her focus was one of her greatest assets.

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Evolution of a Project Management Schedules Fable

Author: Joel Fleiss Date: Dec 01, 2014



Akila was a very intelligent, resourceful man who many of the elite Egyptian society used for major construction projects.  He was often contracted to build and modernize the royalty’s castles.  Several affluent business men used his expertise to construct offices for their businesses.  He had been conducting construction projects for over two decades before the Egyptian pyramids were built 4,500 years ago.  One day the Pharaoh came to Akila and said “I want you and your team, Akila, to build a monument to my father, sons and me.”  In the next five minutes the Pharaoh described what he expected.

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