Tools Within EPPORA


No More Ambiguities

Projects fail too often because of poorly written requirements that are ambiguous and difficult to test. EPPORA’s stylized method for specifying requirements, coupled with its built-in requirements analysis tools, helps assure that requirements are understood the same by all stakeholders and are readily testable. Delivering a project on time, within budget and fulfilling all of its requirements is a challenging effort. The client or end user very seldom knows what they want at the start of a project and as the project progresses, requirements are continuously changing. EPPORA informs the project’s key stakeholders whenever a requirement within their project changes.


Analysis for Ambiguities

Often, project stakeholders do no agree on the meaning of a requirement.  EPPORA includes a “Requirements Analyzer” that warns key project stakeholders of ambiguous requirements.


Project deliverables need to be as robust as possible. The users of the deliverable needs assurance that each deliverable’s requirements are thoroughly tested, so EPPORA offers a method for specifying requirements that simplifies creating comprehensive test for the requirements.


Project stakeholders need to be notified when requirements have issues as soon as possible. EPPORA sends a notification to the project’s Business Analyst, Project Manager, Project Portfolio Manager and the Sponsor whenever a requirement changes.