Tools Within EPPORA


Real-Time Project Interactions

Bill Gates said, “I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has a profound effect in terms of how people can learn from each other and how they can obtain the kind of information that they’re interested in. ” This quote inspired the development of EPPORA communication methodology; our communication engine is based on the principle that intelligent feedback is the key to communication. EPPORA keeps all Project Team Members informed of their tasks in priority order and vastly simplifies the communication between Project Team Members and the Project Manager thus simplifying the effort needed to maintain up-to-date schedules daily. Each EPPORA user has a list of project schedule tasks on their Home page relevant to their assigned responsibilities.


Business Analysts (“BA”)

Needs to identify problems with their project’s requirements. Are there ambiguities? Are the requirements testable? Is each key stakeholder cognizant of any requirement changes? Do they understand the impact on overall scope, schedule and cost?

Project Manager (“PM”)

Needs to track their schedules daily, are they up-to-date, are there problems, missing resources, lack of dependencies, projected late deliverables or milestones?

Project Portfolio Manager (“PPM”)

Needs to know that each project BAs and PMs are properly performing their functions. Are they on top of the project deliverables, milestones and open issues and effectively dealing with them?


Must know which projects are in trouble as soon as possible,to apply the management expertise they bring to mitigate problems, and have the greatest probability of eliminating conflicts and realigning projects and programs with corporate goals.

Project Team Member (“PTM”)

Needs to know what their assignments are in priority order daily. They need an intuitive tool to update their progress providing management with a clear vision. And they need to handle this reporting with the least distraction, minimal effort and administrative hassle.


Need to know if there are security problems with EPPORA every day.Such information as outside users trying to hack into an organization’s version of EPPORA must be brought to their attention expeditiously.

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