Tools Within Eppora

Issue Resolution System

EPPORA Turns Your Issues into Opportunities

Issue resolution practices are a critical and integral part of the development and maintenance processes that provide quality products. EPPORA’s Issue Resolution System (IRS) provides a vehicle for controlling the development and maintenance activities associated with products. EPS provides a clear, concise process for client interface along with EPS customer support to assure changes, enhancements and corrections to latent defects (problems) for EPPORA and client projects, products and processes are corrected in a controlled, documented and orderly fashion.


Maintenance of issues

EPPORA’s Issue Resolution System provides a database for each user to report and control the maintenance of issues. An issue in EPPORA can be a problem (bug), enhancement, change or question. EPPORA allows organizations to not only report issues relative to EPPORA but also to their own products, projects and processes.

Satisfied clients

EPS’ goal is to continuously satisfy their client’s needs. IRS is designed to be used by EPS clients and EPS’ technical staff (engineering, quality assurance, testing and documentation departments). It includes the identifying, controlling, tracking and reporting activities for Client Issue, Change Request, Problem Request, Enhancement Request, Documentation Request and Question Issue.

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