Tools Within EPPORA

Optimal Resource Allocation

The Finest Available Resources for the Most Important Project Tasks

Optimizing allocation of an organization’s labor resources across all their projects is a major dilemma for every organization worldwide. How do we use our labor force across all our projects to maximize our project portfolio ROI is a question that numerous high level executives ponder daily. EPPORA’s US patent approved process guarantees that the most important project tasks receive the best available labor resources, while considering current project experience, logistics, costs, etc. It accomplishes in minutes what would take a team of executives’ weeks to achieve. Instead of a Project Manager assigning the given staff members his/her project tasks, The Project Manager assigns labor categories to the project tasks. EPPORA assigns the actual labor resources by allocating the best available resource for the required labor category to the most important task.


Determining Most Important Task

At the end-of-business each day EPPORA creates a data structure containing all the tasks from all the projects for the allocation period. The list is ordered by task importance. The default allocation period is three weeks, but a PPM can change the allocation period to be from two to ten weeks. The “Most Important Task” in EPPORA is a combination of three attributes, which are Project Ranking, Critical Path Additive Factor and Requirements Additive Factor.

The formula for computing the “Most Important Task” is: Most Important Task = Project Ranking + Critical Path Factor + Requirements Factor
Determining Best Available Person

At the end-of-business every day EPPORA creates a data structure of “best-available-person” for each of the tasks that are to occur during the allocation period for each required labor category. So what is the “Best Available Person?” In EPPORA it is combination of three attributes, which are Productivity, Project Experience and Task Experience.

Thus the “Best Available Person” formula is: Best Available Person = Productivity + Project Experience + Task Experience
Assigning Tasks

EPPORA assigns the best available person to the most important project task from the portfolio of projects starting with the very most important task to the least important task for the allocation period. The assignments are posted in priority order to each PTM’s Home page Work Flow list. Each PTM at the end of the day then uses this list to communicate his/her progress on the assigned tasks. The information is sent to the project’s Project Manager. This is done at the end-of-business every day.

Staffing messages

EPPORA provides two critical staffing messages after allocation. The first is “Unallocated Resources” which summarizes the hours not used for your staff during the allocation period. This lets management know that they may have more resources than they need (possibly adjusting their labor resources) or at a minimum making sure these people, who have un-scheduled hours have a meaningful task to be accomplished. The second is “Missing Resources” which summarizes the tasks that are missing the resources needed during the coming allocation period. This lets management know that designated projects are facing serious manpower shortages in meeting their commitments.