Tools Within EPPORA


Eliminate Politics and Reward the Best People

Every organization is interested in both measuring the productivity of their project team members and seeing continuous improvement in their performance. EPPORA addresses the problem that in many organizations project team members often feel their remuneration is not directly correlated to their productivity, but rather to how well they play the game and understand the politics of their organization.

Paul Meyer said “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Depending which survey you look at, the average Project Team Member for organizations conducting multiple projects actually works between 24-32 hours out of a 40 hours work week. That’s 60-80% on average and a clear sign that there is a need forimproved productivity.


No Political-Personal Bias

Many Project Team Members do not feel it is how productive they are but instead how are they politically connected. They feel that having a “good” relationship with their supervisor is far more important in determining their remuneration. EPPORA eliminates the political-personal bias by putting the focus on productivity. Our project management software continuously calculates the productivity of each staff member as they complete project tasks for each supported labor category.

Productivity determines Compensation

EPPORA determines for each labor category a Project Team Member supports, how productive they were. With management knowing exactly what the average salary is for each labor category, EPPORA provides for each Project Team Member’s theircost effectiveness. If everyone recognizes that executive management sees their productivity they will work harder, because they realize that their productivity would be a major factor in determining their compensation.

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