Tools Within EPPORA

Status Reports

Always Know the Health of Your Projects

The phases of project management; definition, analysis, planning, organizing, designing, implementing, verifying, closing and deploying, must be executed flawlessly to achieve a successful project. Without concise, clear, focused communication and regular status reports between project stakeholders, programs are doomed to failure. EPPORA users will achieve an on-time delivery within budgetary constraints that satisfy all of the project’s requirements.


24/7 Project Status

The project health (cost and schedule) for all projects are displayed in EPPORA in project ranking order. EPPORA also during end-of-business generates messages when it estimates that a deliverable or milestone will be more than five days late.

Diagnostic and Informative Messages

Most messages are diagnostic in nature reporting that the user has entered an illegal or not-recommended value. When using EPPORA a user receives diagnostic messages to help assure his/her input or updates are correct. EPPORA also generates informative messages, for example when a user is removed from or added to the system.

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