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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel - Repetitive Projects Made Easy with EPPORA

Many organizations conduct repetitive projects with very little changes in terms of the requirements, work breakdown structure (WBS) and task schedule from project to project. What is needed is the ability to specify “templates” for those projects with repetitive aspects so that creating the requirements, the WBS and the project schedule can be simplified to a large extent.



When common projects are continuously performed, then the use of the Project Template features saves significant time and assures your project team is following a proven process. Project templates are created exactly as all other projects.

One template, multiple projects

When a Project Portfolio Manager creates a Project Template, they need to create a template for the project’s WBS, requirements and schedule. From then on, EPPORA will know these entities as a particular template to be used for multiple projects that have common activities. The creation of a template’s requirements, WBS and project schedule is exactly the same as if you’re creating them for a new project, except now they can be used to create multiple projects that are approximately the same.

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