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In a project it is critical that everyone knows their personal schedule. This should occur daily, since what was expected yesterday, as the environment changes may be significantly different than what is expected today. In today’s world it is usually beholden upon the Project Manager to keep his Project Team Members (PTMs) cognizant of their project tasks. This is often a daunting task with many hours of PTMs left on the table (so to speak) waiting for their assignments or doing assignments that are not the most important for the organization.

Eppora_Work Flow

Overview of Tasks

Whenever a PTM logs into EPPORA he/she is provided with his/her entire assigned project tasks for the current allocation period. The list of tasks is updated daily. The default allocation period is for the next twenty-one days but can be changed to anywhere from fourteen to seventy days. The list of project tasks is in chronological order relative to the task start date. Thus each Project Team Member knows exactly what he/she must accomplish at the start of every day.

Acceptance or Rejection of Tasks

The Project Team Member at the end of the day updates the tasks hours expended for each assigned task and the task status is sent to the Project Manager. The Project Manager either (1) accepts the information and initiates the automatic update of the project schedule or (2) sends the “task information” with a comment back to the responding Project Team Member explaining why the updated task was rejected.

Project Schedule Updates Have Never Been Simpler and Less Time-Consuming

Project Managers need to focus on critical path tasks to ensure their project's success. Since a project's critical path can change every day, it is imperative to have project schedules updated daily, not just once a week. As you know, Project Managers don’t have any spare time. With EPPORA, they save over 90% of the time they spend collecting project task progress information from their Project Team Members and entering the information into the project schedule. At the end of each day, the Project Manager can – via their laptop or via their mobile device – accept or reject the project tasks information worked on by their Project Team Members. EPPORA Project Managers are only investing a couple of minutes per day maintaining their schedules. Instead of spending 17 hours on project schedules weekly if you update the schedule daily, with EPPORA you will spend less than a half hour. Your project team members will each spend less than 3 minutes to maintain their schedules each week if they report their progress daily.

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